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The Prolific Writer

The Prolific Writer is about writing fast, often, and well. Follow writer and publisher Ryan J. Pelton as he discusses processes and strategies for writing hundreds of thousands of words and sharing them with the world.

TPW podcast also interviews some of the most prolific writers in the world. Be inspired as they discuss their journey into writing, explore tips and tricks on the craft, and learn about the latest trends in publishing today.

Jun 8, 2018

Prolific writer Joe R. Lansdale, has written novels and stories in many genres, including Western, horror, science fiction, mystery, and suspense. He has also written for comics as well as "Batman: The Animated Series." As of 2018, he has written 45 novels and published 30 short-story collections along with many chapbooks and comic-book adaptations. He has much to teach us! Many of Joe's stories have won prestigious awards, Joe was inducted into The Texas Literary Hall of Fame, and several of his novels have been adapted to film. Ryan and Joe chat about what it takes to become a successful writer, why writing is a job, and we should treat it as such, why chasing markets is a bad idea, how to write cleaner first drafts, his process for churning out millions of words, and much more. You can get Joe R. Lansdale's latest updates and find his books at: