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The Prolific Writer

The Prolific Writer is about writing fast, often, and well. Follow writer and publisher Ryan J. Pelton as he discusses processes and strategies for writing hundreds of thousands of words and sharing them with the world.

TPW podcast also interviews some of the most prolific writers in the world. Be inspired as they discuss their journey into writing, explore tips and tricks on the craft, and learn about the latest trends in publishing today.

Nov 11, 2018

Kenny Sills is not afraid of a fight. He has spent the last twenty years learning the skills of martial arts and is now the owner of a studio focused on teaching children and young adults. While martial arts has taught the finer points of self defense, Kenny has now conquered another important skill... writing a novel. In this episode, Ryan and Kenny discuss how to find great ideas for stories, what he learned from writing his first novel, how pain is a great teacher for writing and creativity, and much more. You can find Kenny and his work at:

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